Other Interests

First off, computers they been very, very good to me. So whatz I gonna do? Collect `em.

(In general, I am a massive gadget freak and always own the smallest/coolest smartphone, etc.)

Second interest of mine is in "horology", which has nothing at all to do with the Zodiac.  Rather, it means methods of keeping time.

Third, I've had a long time interest in photography.

In junior high, I got a (too nice) camera for my birthday and proceeded to take about 30 rolls of the neighborhood creek.  I still have these pictures-- trees, rocks, water, more trees, rocks, water, even more trees, rocks, water-- boring as all get out.  Then bingo, one day, I started to see the world as a series of frames.  The film costs to get to that point made the camera 'free'.  It costs a lot less these days to get a photographic eye because of digital photography.  I have several film cameras and have owned an array of digitals, including the Nikon Coolpix 950, the Olympus E-10, and Canon's D30, D60, 10D, 1D, 1DmkII, 20D and a 1Ds, etc., etc. I ultimately got frustrated with Canon's lack of quality control and "went over to the dark side" -- Nikon.

Fourth, I am a tool user, more specifically a woodworker. My father locked up all his tools when I was young, leaving me only a hammer, a standard screw driver, and a couple of nails. Needless to say, this required certain ingenuity and creativity. I opened my first electric can opener when I was three (with the hammer). When I was five, I discovered electricity when my father went to get a replacement bulb for the old-style christmas tree lights (I remember licking my finger before I put it in the open socket-- even then I understood conductivity, amazing!). Now I got me a real job (by some accounts anyway), I spend all my disposable income on power tools (but for heaven's sake, please don't tell my wife about it-- so far she hasn't caught on that you don't need to buy a router to fix a leaky toilet).